Biomolecular Analyses with Label-Free Optical And Acoustic Biosensors

OWLS and QCM-D Sensors and Analytical Devices
by MicroVacuum


The OWLS 210 is a state-of-the-art device for the in situ study of the kinetics and equilibrium constants of surface processes.

As a label-free biosensor, it is a very high sensitivity, real-time technology for investigating adsorption and binding processes. The OWLS instrument probes the layer thickness, refractive index and dry mass.


Photo of the QCM-I biosensor system

The standard QCM-I standard system is a high-sensitivity mass sensor. It can measure the change in frequency of a quartz crystal resonator and as a label-free biosensor it measures the “wet” mass of the adsorbed layer in processes occurring at or near the sensor surface. The modular architecture of these Quartz Crystal Microbalance systems allows various configurations, like the QCM-I Mini, QCM-I Micro and also combined QCM and electrochemical measurements (eQCM-D).


Photo of the QCM-I OWLS Net system

The QCM-I OWLS NET is a biosensor system for combined “wet” and “dry” mass measurements.

The combination provides unprecedented information about the interactions of molecules, polymers and biological assemblies with surfaces; label-free and in real time.

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Leading companies and research institutions from all over the world are using OWLS biosensors
for studying biochemical interactions. See some of them below:

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