Exhibition Material

Thank you for visiting our booth at the “Label-Free Technologies: Advances and Applications” conference in Amsterdam. You can download the PDF versions of our OWLS 3000 exhibition poster

New OWLS QCM 3000

“Dry” (OWLS) and “Wet” (QCM) Mass Measurement with the OWLS 3000 label-free biosensor device. Learn more about the OWLS QCM 3000 biosensor

Related scientific papers

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OWLS 210™

See an introduction video and download product broschures of our label-free, real-time biochemical interaction analyses platform, the OWLS 210:

OWLS 210 product broschure (PDF)

OW sensor chip data sheet (PDF)

Download the product list (PDF)

See the OWLS 210 video

QCM-ITO Crystals

Learn more about our QCM Crystals with ITO Electrodes (QCM-ITO):

QCM-ITO crystal chip data sheet (PDF)

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