Gamry Announces Exclusive Distribution of MicroVacuum’s QCM devices

MicroVacuum of Budapest, Hungary has named Gamry Instruments as the exclusive distributor of their Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Impedance measurement ( QCM-I ) in the United States & China

Budapest, Hungary, September  8, 2018 – Gamry Instruments of Warminster, PA and MicroVacuum of Budapest, Hungary are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. The agreement awards Gamry exclusive distribution of MicroVacuum’s Quartz Crystal Microbalance instruments for the United States and China. This line of QCMs includes 3 models: QCM-I, QCM-I Mini, and the eQCM-I Mini.  Each of these three QCMs includes resonance frequency measurement with overtones and dissipation monitoring on temperature controlled QCM sensor crystals, thereby expanding Gamry’s offerings for surface characterization of both rigid and non-rigid films. Furthermore, MicroVacuum’s unique ITO-QCM sensors and  Gamry’s experience in electrochemistry will open new application areas for customers and for both companies.

The new QCM-I Mini was on show at the Biointerfaces International 2018 held at the ETH of Zurich, August 14-16, 2018 and will be demonstrated at Electrochemistry 2018 in Ulm, Germany, September 24-26, 2018.

The web site has been updated to include the new Quartz Crystal Microbalance instruments with pictures, specifications and available accessories.  Visit Gamry’s Quartz Crystal Microbalance web pages for more information on what each instrument includes and the software used for analysis.

Gamry Instruments has been manufacturing electrochemical instrumentation for almost 30 years with innovative designs, superior support and in-house electrochemical experts.  Their fair pricing has made them a front runner in electrochemistry.  With their world headquarters based outside of Philadelphia, PA, Gamry currently has distributors and representatives in over 50 countries worldwide.

MicroVacuum has been manufacturing label-free biosensor systems for 25 years with in-house sensor development and production, considered all over the world as one of the most sensitive and robust optical sensing methods.

MicroVacuum is one of the few companies manufacturing both optical OWLS and acoustic QCM sensors, used by research institutes for measuring with high sensitivity both the “dry” and “wet” mass of adsorbed layers on sensor surfaces.

*Gamry is the exclusive distributor of MicroVacuum for the United States and China.  For information on other MicroVacuum products or inquiries outside of the US & China, please visit MicroVacuum’s website

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