Third International NanoBio Conference – Aug 24-27, 2010, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Date: Aug 24-27, 2010
Location: ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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The Third International NanoBio Conference will take place at ETH Zurich, August 24-27, 2010. For this 4-day conference, we will have at least 43 invited, internationally renowned speakers for plenary and two parallel sessions, as well as poster sessions and an industrial exhibition. We expect around 500 participants, 250 – 300 posters and about 15-20 exhibitors.

This meeting gathers the leaders of this progressive field from all over the world helping scientists to get an update on the most recent achievements in the different topics of nanobiotechnology, to discuss, to network, to exchange stimulating new ideas, and to take responsibility in forming public opinion about nanobiotechnology.

Sessions topics include:

NanoBio Sensing
NanoBio Materials
NanoBio Interfaces
NanoBio Devices
Drug delivery & Nanomedicine
Nanomedical imaging
Biomimetic and Bioinspired Nano-Structured Materials and Interfaces
Nano-scale Characterization Techniques and Single Molecule Analysis
Follow this link to see the flyer for the Third International NanoBio Conference 2010, Zurich

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